A look into the work and life of a hidden figure who transformed physics in early 1900s despite gender inequality—a delayed tribute to the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
January 2023. A comet making an appearance in the sky, mainland Europe’s first orbital spaceport, and a fiery landscape showing star formation.
What were the firsts and what starstruck people outside the daily routine in 2022?
"Just as a wanderer in the desert can experience mirages, ... we may also see mirages in the Universe."
Lunar capsule's record, a new class of astronauts, a leap in exoplanet studies, and more.
In a milestone for reviving human lunar exploration, the most powerful rocket yet built has set course for the Moon. Here is an overview of the Artemis…
Learn about the telltale signatures of newborn stars, and take a look at the backstage of astrophysics discoveries.
Hello, space explorer. I aim to make this newsletter your window to the universe from the perspective of a space researcher, including bites of…
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